SARC 7Mhz WSPR Contest

The SARC WSPR contest is intended as a social contest for those members who have built the club WSPR TX or members who wish to use their own transceiver to participate.

There are only a few basic rules which are as follows: -

  • Band โ€“ 40m
  • Date / Time โ€“ from 19th April 00:00-23:59 on Good Friday
  • Duration of the contest โ€“ 48 hours
  • There are 2 classes: -
    2. QRO using alternative transmitter \ software
  • Antenna - Wire or vertical antennas only
  • For WSJT-X users it is recommended you install the latest version (v2) of the software and set the Tx fraction % for a transmission every 4 minutes
  • For those of you not using the SARC WSPR unit please set your transmitter to the minimum power
  • The winners will be based on results from the website and winners in each class
    • The station in each class who received the most unique reports during the period of the contest
    • The station who achieved a report from the greatest distance in each class

Good luck !

Friday, 19 April, 2019 (All day)