Through the Roof by Ken Mills M0KMI

After gaining some expertise in fibreglass, from re-covering my garage roof, I decided to try something a bit more creative related to radio and came up with the idea of an antenna mast with the rotator inside the roof. I started by making a tube by wrapping fibreglass around a greased wine bottle and then moulding the tube, at the correct angle, into a concrete roof tile.

Roof Tile

I then made a rain cover by moulding the fibreglass around a large coke bottle, this was then bonded onto the two inch mast. The next and most complex bit was to make a rotator cage from wood and aluminium tube, all covered in fibreglass.

Mount with H422 installed

The last stage was to put it all together with the Create  23cm – 6M log periodic attached. After allowing the neighbours time to get accustomed,  I mounted a Comet H422 as a straight trapped dipole. In the picture you will see the bracket is already in place on the mast. So far I have had only one complaint, which was resolved, as it is quite difficult to see from most angles because it is in the middle of the roof and hidden by trees.