Solar DF for 70cms by David Slatter G0CJG

This page shows details of a recent development by Dave G0CJG based on using a low cost receiver (i.e. Baofeng UV5R), a DF antenna and a solar powered TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) device for 70cms. The plan is for a few club members to either build one at home or with the help of other club members at the club.  

A DF hunt to follow with all members using this equipment in the summer on the 8th August.

There is an App for iPhone which can assist with recording information during DF Hunts - or you should get hold of a local OS map

Dave demonstrated as part of his talk how the device out performs other previous equipment he has developed when you are in close proximity to the "fox" as well as more remote stations.  This is a low cost project costing <£10 and based around a £1 solar garden light!

Demo of Solar Powered DF on 70cms at SARC 30th May 2014

The presentation can be downloaded here and gives details of the circuitry & components


The following image shows a breakdown of the components used to build the device.


The rear side of the completed board

Rear of completed board

The mounted board along with direction indicator fixed to the case of the solar light

Close up of the mounted board

The finished item as Dave said not the most elegant but functional & works !

The finished item

Further photo to follow of the deluxe model to follow..

Construction notes are now available - Construction Notes