SARC & Oasis Brightstowe Academy Collaboration

Brightstowe Academy

Shirehampton Amateur Radio Club (SARC) is working collaboratively with the Oasis Brightstowe Academy to introduce Amateur Radio to the school. Brightstowe is located on the former Portway School Penpole Lane site, which was attended by several of our club members in the past.  The collaboration will help further the schools Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum and enable students to gain invaluable practical skills.


Brightstowe is one of the small number of schools selected to speak to Tim Peake on the International Space Station (ISS). The initial work in January 2016 is to take a group of pupils through the Foundation Course, in order to prepare these pupils ahead of the link up with Tim, which is planned to take place on the afternoon of Friday 19th February 2016. The communications infrastructure on the day of the event are being provided by ARISS

The school will be running a whole series of space related events ahead of the ISS link up. SARC will be assisting by running a Special Event Station using the club callsign and a Buildathon event on Friday 5th February at the school. The aim of the Buildathon is to encourage the pupils to build their own radio receiver under the watchful eye of members from the club. The kits have been kindly donated by the RSGB and are for the "Rodway" receiver which covers the Medium Wave band (with its strong Amplitude Modulated broadcast transmissions) that can be easily received, and the 160m amateur band. This allows easy demonstration of amateur radio techniques on 160m band using AM for short range across playing field type contacts.

Photos from the Buildathon event on the 5th February below.

Soldering practice before the main kit was tackled

Soldering practice

Off we go with stage 1

Part 1

Dave G0CJG providing some guidance

Dave G0CJG giving a hand

Peter M0HWQ thought he would test a board himself

Peter M0HWQ testing a kit for himself

During the day 18 kits  were constructed & all were working receivers by the 2pm !

Finished item

A bit of fault diagnosis from Steve G0FUW

Steve G0FUW diagnosing a faulty board

The SARC buildathon team! 

From left to right (back row) M0KMI, G0CJG, G3YHV, G0FUW, G4DVV, M0HWQ, G4NAQ

(front row) G3XSV and G3TKF

The SARC Buildathon Team

On the 19th Feb 2016 SARC were part of the event at Brightstowe & here are a selection of our photos from the day.

Alan G3XSV putting the club on HF for the day

Alan G3XSV operating GX4AHG

Ken M0KMI and Dave G0CJG looking after the club stand with the Royal Signals team off to the left

SARC Display managed by Dave G0CJG and Ken M0KMI

WSPR, Paraset and CW with Colin G3YHV, results from WSPR site below.


G4AHG WSPR and Paraset demo by Colin G3YHV

WSPR Data from 20m during the day

WSPR Map for G4AHG

Data Modes and SDR demo without Clive (taking the photo!), Robin G3TKF and Jonathan

Data Modes and SDR without the operators G4NAQ, G3TKF and Jonathan

The Team

The RSGB announced a new video which shows the work behind GB1SS and it features very briefly John G4DVV and Clive G4NAQ -

G4DVV stars in the GB1SS video

G4NAQ stars in the GB1SS video

If you are interested in amateur radio in the Bristol area why not contact our secretary for further information or come down to the club which meets every Friday night at TS Enterprise