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Foundation Course


Training Manual

The entry level course is the Foundation and covers the following topics at a high level.

  • Background to the hobby
  • Licence Conditions
    • Types of Licence
    • Format of Callsigns
    • Licence Terms & Conditions
  • Technical Basics
    • Units of Measurement
    • Simple circuit theory
    • Frequencies used in Power, Audio & Radio systems
  • Transmitters & Receivers
    • Simple block diagrams for Transmitters
    • Basic transmitter theory
    • Simple block diagrams for Receivers
    • Basic receiver theory
  • Feeders & Antennas
    • Types of Feeder
    • Types of Antenna
    • Antenna Basics
    • Balanced Antennas
    • Standing Wave Ration (SWR)
    • Dummy Loads
  • Propagation
    • Radio Propagation basics
    • Ionosphere basics
  • EMC
    • Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Station design for EMC
    • Immunity of radio receiving & other devices & filtering techniques
    • Social issues & interference
  • Operating Practices & Procedures
    • Operating Practices & Procedures
    • Operating through Repeaters
    • Band Plans
    • Connecting microphones & other audio sources to a transmitter
    • Making radio contacts
    • Connecting a transmitter/receiver
  • Safety
    • Sources of danger
    • Actions to be taken & avoided in the event of an accident
    • Station layout
    • Safe use of headphones
  • Morse Code
    • No longer a statutory requirement but can be taught if required.
  • Practical Assessments

The examination on completion of the courses consists of a multiple choice paper with 26 questions with 45 minutes to answer them. The fee for this examination is £27.50, this cost is charged by the RSGB and not under the control of our club nor does any this amount go to the club.