DF Equipment by David Slatter G0CJG

The club hopes to reinstate a DF hunt either on 2m or 160m or both during the summer of 2013.  The following items shows the development of equipment by Dave Slatter G0CJG who took the challenge of Direction Finding to a different level to most club members !

The photo below shows the antenna array mounted on my car roof which has remained unchanged.

DF Antenna array

The Mark 1 hardware shows the K0OV design that I built many years ago and used on the original SARC 2m DF hunts.

K0OV design

The Mark 2 shows the old stuff with a new digital interface and a GPS and a laptop which runs my software to plot bearings on Google earth

Mk1 digital interface & a GPS/Laptop which runs my G0CJG software

The latest Mark 3 being developed shows a new digital interface box that I designed that works with the PI4WAG software running on  a laptop that inputs from the sound card.

Mk2 digital interface box that works with PI4WAG software

Following on from the talk at the club the slides can be viewed here Notes from talk