SARC DF / Interference Receiver Project 2018

The prototype of the club project for 2018 which is a combined DF and Interference tracking receiver has been built.  As per last years project the intention is to build the kit at the club where we will have appropriate test kit and construction equipment available.  There will be nothing to stop you building this at home as a comprehensive set of instructions is being prepared.

The kit excluding a box, 6 AA batteries and front panel knobs is estimated to cost approximately £20 for SARC members and a few pounds more for non-members. Costs are based on building 20 kits which is the optimum price for acquiring the components..  14 people showed interest on Friday 10th March so only a few more to make this viable.... Timeline is to have a final prototype prior to finalising things by the end of March.  Components care mainly coming from eBay & distant shores so will take up to 1 month to arrive.

There will be some things like the antenna (Ferrite Rod supplied) you will need to make but the parts will be supplied. 

SARC DF / Interference Receiver Prototype