Club History

Shirehampton A.R.C. was formed in 1969 by Bob Jones (G3YIQ), Colin Chidgey (G3YHV) and Dave Knight (G3YNH) who were good friends and discussed setting up a local club due to there only being a central Bristol club at the time. Twyford House which was a local adult education establishment in the Shirehampton High Street was approached to see if they had a room which could be rented and SARC came into existence.  Early members were Addy Kelle (G4AYB) and Maurice Wilkins (G3YOH who died in 1977).

The following document is a history about the club written by Bob, G4BWB with a more interesting angle on the club & some of its former members!..G4BWB Club History

In the mid 1990s the local authority decided to close the building and we were fortunate to make arrangements to move in with the local Sea Cadets who had a prime location on the banks of the River Avon.

From 1970 to 1988 the club ran a RAE course. The original instructor and founder club member was Maurice Wilkins, G3YOH. In future years it was ran by other club members including Dave Knight, G3YNH & Steve Price, G4BWE until its demise.

In 1973 the club put on a station at the Bristol 600 Exhibition on the downs, here are some photographs from newspapers around the time showing some of the things the club was up to..

Today the club runs the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses on demand and is coordinated by John Thomas G4DVV.