Following on from the Baofeng night here are some useful files.

Guide to UV5R

UV5R Menus

If you want to program the radio yourself or update the memories the easist way is to acquire a USB lead (from eBay) and install the Chirp software from

The software supports a wide range of radios not just the Baofeng range.

Probably the best site for all info on Baofeng kit -

Basic instructions are as follows:

  • Connect Radio to pc with suitable cable and using Chirp. 
  • Download an image from the Radio.
  • Make sure all memories are displayed from 0-127 including blank memories.
  • Click File - Import
  • Select the .csv file (NOT any other .img file as this could corrupt the radio's firmware)
  • Select the memories to be imported by ticking or unticking the boxes.
  • Click OK
  • Make any other modifications required.
  • Upload the image back to the radio.

Do not be tempted to copy any .img file from any other radio other that the one it was downloaded from otherwise this could corrupt the radio's firmware.

The latest files from Alex G8NQO can be found here: