Advanced Course


Training Manual

The Advanced Course is by its nature more difficult and will require more self study to back up the knowledge taught in the classroom. We do not intend to publish the syllabus here as it’s quite lengthy. However, we have put through candidates from all walks of life with a 100% success rate so there is no reason to fear that this level cannot be achieved.

The lead tutor has a policy of total honesty in this respect and will not apply for the Examination Papers until he is satisfied that the candidate has reached the required level of knowledge to pass the exam.

For this qualification the candidate will be taken back to the fundamentals of radio and its circuitry, examining the building blocks which have been described in the two previous levels as block diagrams to component level.

There is some mathematics involved but provided the candidate has the basic knowledge to apply certain formulae it is good to know that the formulae are provided with the examination paper.

A copy of the UK licence schedule is also provided with the paper so that the candidate does not need to remember the legal requirements “parrot fashion” as long as they know how and where to find the required information within the framework of the schedule.

Again, the course will last as long or as short as the individual candidate’s capabilities and background require; this level is purely academic and no practical work is necessary to enter the examination.